• About the Office of Legal and International Affairs

          The International Affairs Bureau coordinates all    international cooperation for the I.R. of Iran          Meteorological Organization (IRIMO)and supports international activities of Organizations, specially coordinating IRIMO participation in WMO Technical Commissions, Regional Associations, and Executive Council.

          The International Affairs Bureau manages bilateral relations, and projects, oversees the mission affairs, and coordinates with other governmental and non-governmental agencies.
          As part of its mission within the IRIMO, this Bureau coordinates the development of and monitors the activities of bilateral international agreements that cover joint co-operations among the I.R. of Iran and other countries in meteorology and hydrology fields. The Bureau provides guidance and evaluates these agreements and assists with the legal processes.
          The International Affairs Bureau supports IRIMO in various administrative areas related to international programs and practices. These supportive activities include coordinating foreign missions for IRIMO staff and fellowships for students and coordinating the visits of foreign delegations and international agencies.
        • Office of Legal and International Affairs