• IT and Meteorological Communication Bureau
          Nowadays information and communication technology shows an extensive development in various fields and its impact on human societies in the field of ​​information and communication is imperative and undeniable. In this regard, due to the quick development of information and communication technologies on the one hand and the vital role of meteorological data on providing products and services on the other hand, IRIMO decided to revise its former structure, with a procedural structure vision over the Organization, which is crucial for high-level and knowledge-based organizations, and established IT and Meteorological Communication Bureau at the Headquarters and similarly at the Provincial Meteorology Centers. In the new structure, the Office of Computing Services has changed into IT and Meteorological Communication Bureau at the Headquarters.
          This Bureau consists of two deputies and 53 graduate positions in form of 4 groups organized as follows:
          1-      Meteorological Communication Group
          2-      Backup and Security of Computers Group
          3-      Software Services and Products Group
          4-      Meteorological Database and Statistics Group