• Presidential Bureau,Public Affairs and Function Assessment Bureau

          Considering the importance of the main activities of the Presidency Department in the Organization, this department has a deep responsibility in the fields of public and professional activities. Relationships with outer organizations and bodies, exchange news and weather information with other associations and also international relations with other countries and institutions regarding meteorology are of the duties of this department. On the other hand, in view of the sensitivity of the information and communication technology issues, this section also works under the direct supervision of the Presidency Department. Moreover, management of Security Department is directly in interacting with the Presidency Department to protect natural and legal matters of the Organization. Employment Department is the last section which is managed directly by the Presidency Department. In this respect, Presidency Department consists of five following sections:
          1-      President Office, Public Affairs, Performance Assessment Department
          2-      IT and Meteorological Communication Bureau
          3-      Legal and Intl Affairs Bureau
          4-      Security Department


        • Presidential Bureau,Public Affairs and Function Assessment Bureau