• About Deputy Development & Weather Forecasting
          The Deputy of Research is responsible for providing the proper context of research, defining the subject of research projects, and studying and supervising all research activities of the Organization. In other words, all staff activities such as problem definition, feasibility, methods of problem solving, approval of the output, and using the research results are of the main responsibilities of this deputy. Regarding strategies, our vision is a mid-term vision. This vision must be supported by research, science and technology; otherwise, it may face problems. In this sense, encouraging the scientists and researchers and using their scientific capabilities in meeting the needs of the country is considered as one of the best methods of gaining independence. In line with the program-based policy of the IRIMO Deputy of Development and Prediction, instead of its project-based program, the framework of general programs and policies of this Deputy are as follows:
          ·         Educational programs
          -          Using education policies and their assessment to target education in meteorology and enhancing continuously the scientific level of the experts
          -          Holding training courses for other organizations to introduce IRIMO capabilities at the national level and increase the scientific and financial capabilities of the IRIMO
          -          Recognizing IRIMO educational requirements and targeting the courses according to these requirements, omitting the redundant courses and holding new ones based on the new requirements of the electronic education development in the IRIMO
          -          Planning self-study programs in the IRIMO
          -          Planning specialized science assessment in the IRIMO
          -          Transferring knowledge from experts sent abroad to internal experts
          -          Holding training courses with the support of RTC for foreign experts
          -          Involving the provinces in holding the courses
          -          Using the members of scientific boards of universities
          -          Modifying pamphlets and books
          ·         Research programs
          -          Establishing a research and development office with new terms of reference
          -          Organizing provincial publications in form of a journal of atmospheric and oceanic sciences of the IRIMO
          -          Targeting the projects and revising research priorities of the IRIMO
          -          establishing and activating working groups of research and development
          -          Following the agreements and connecting industry and universities
          -          Planning to localize and attract new technologies, holding specialized sessions
          -          Creating the database of research activities of the IRIMO
          -          Planning to attract the meteorological knowledge from other countries (information published in papers, meteorological seminars, and websites.)
          -          Planning to increase public awareness of meteorological applications (through the publication of books for different age groups, games, advertisements, short films and documentaries, publishing information in textbooks of primary, guidance and high schools) which can strengthen the position of the IRIMO in the society.

          Involving the provinces in projects implementation

        • Subordinate offices