• About Management skills development
          a)      Short-term training courses
          -          Holding training courses for new employees after their acceptance in the Selection Board of the IRIMO
          -          Holding vocational and technical modular courses
          -          Holding public modular courses
          -          Holding RTC courses
          -          Holding training courses for users outside the organization
          In order to hold these courses, the following are required:
          -          Providing support funds
          -          Recognizing the educational requirements of the IRIMO
          -          Modifying the modular courses according to IRIMO requirements
          -          Recognizing and modifying the subjects of the courses, required by the strategic policies of the IRIMO
          -          Using a specialized scientific board to revise the required courses
          -          Involving provincial directors in introducing eligible experts to participate in these courses
          -          Migrating to e-learning
          -          Having a connection with the world Meteorological Organization RTC to exchange students and professors
          b)      Long-term training courses
          -          Educating the staff in universities of applied sciences and technology
        • Management skills development