• Publication: 2014-05-03
          Source: Jerome Hughes, Press TV, Brussels
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          EU urges US not to turn blind eye to climate change
          EU urges US not to turn blind eye to climate change
          Most scientists agree that extreme weather patterns endured around the world in recent years are a direct result of man-made climate change and they point out that the U-S and China emit as much CO2 as the rest of the world combined.
          Government ministers from 30 countries have been meeting in Brussels to discuss the subject. The planet's biggest polluters, the US and China, have been urged to sign a new climate change treaty during a summit in Paris next year. Despite warnings about climate change Washington has refused to sign a number of deals since backing out of the Kyoto Protocol t in 2001.A recently published report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the IPCC, stated that despite a growing number of policies aimed at limiting climate change, man-made greenhouse gas emissions grew more rapidly between 2000 and 2010 than in each of the previous three decades. The report makes it clear that the United States and China continue to burn fossil fuels at an alarming rate and so these countries are major generators of very harmful CO2 emissions. Among the populations under grea****** threat are those living on the Marshall Islands which now rest just two meters above the northern Pacific Ocean. EU countries are not on target to meet current climate change agreements and so campaigners are skeptical that any future deals will be honored.