• Publication: 2014-04-30
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          Death Toll Rises to 35 in Wake of Tornadoes This Week
           Death Toll Rises to 35 in Wake of Tornadoes This Week
          In the wake of this week's severe storms, hundreds of homes lay flattened on the ground, thousands of people across multiple states have been left without power and the overall death toll has risen to at least 35, according to the Associated Press.
          Another round of dangerous storms continued into Tuesday across the Southeast, including strong storms sweeping across the Carolinas. Tornadoes have been reported across North Carolina near Fayetteville, Cove City, Salemburg and Shine.
          Into Wednesday, severe storms will continue with the grea****** threat including heavy rain, flooding and damaging winds moving through the South.
          "There is still the potential for tornadoes," Meteorologist Randy Adkins Jr. said. "People should not let their guard down."
          Adkins said that severe weather will continue Wednesday.
          "The severe weather impacts Wednesday will be much like the severe weather we've seen Tuesday," he said.
          In the wake of the damage, Salvation Army has mobilized their efforts for disaster response in the central Arkansas area. Since Monday morning, the organization has provided 566 prepared meals, 1,362 drinks and 540 snacks to survivors and first responders in the state, according to a written statement.
          "The Salvation Army is providing food, shelter and emotional and spiritual support to those affected by the widespread severe weather in Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee," the organization said.

          where about 6,600 people live," Mississippi Health Department spokesman Jim Craig told the Associated Press.