• Terms of reference
          -          Operating and monitoring surface meteorological stations (including automatic and traditional) in the Country,
          -          Installation, launch, operation, maintenance and calibration of automatic and traditional stations,
          -          Data exploitation by software in standard forms,
          -          Providing, maintenance and updating of software required for stations,
          -          Preparation of tender do******ents for purchase of various stations and monitoring their purchase procedure.
          Technical Portal
          1-      Getting the statistics and completion of the stations’ metadata.
          2-      Collecting the technical do******ents and guidelines and tender do******ents.
          3-      Preparation and updating of Technical Portal.
          4-      Collecting monthly reports of the Provincial Departments.
          5-      Providing Information about the Technical Department’s Offices and implemented projects.
          1-      Development, maintenance and supplying the laboratory.
          2-      Calibration of various types of sensors.
          Technical Stockroom
          1-      Check inventories and preparing list of available stored equipments.
          2-      Stocks’ entry and exit report.
          3-      Providing goods needed by the Provincial Departments.
          1-      Teaching new hardware and software.
          2-      Periodical teaching for the colleagues from Provincial Departments for recalling.
          Research and development
          1-      Exploitation of new World Meteorological Organization do******ents to use for the stations.

          Examine new equipments and use them if necessary

        • Department of Basic Systems and Technical Standards