• Terms of reference


          ·         Research
          -          To study effective factors on the quality of measured data in marine stations
          -          To study stations
          -          To study in order to complete the marine stations network
          -          To study different ways of implementing the available oceanic and atmospheric models
          -          To study the application of satellite data
          -          To process marine data
          ·         Educational
          -          Holding and participating in seminars, training workshops, and national, international and regional conferences in the fields of marine meteorology and oceanography
          ·         Specialized Sessions
          -          Internal
          ü Holding sessions on marine meteorology and physical oceanography in order to decide about the IRIMO executive subjects
          -          National
          ü Holding internal sessions of JCOMM to coordinate with international programs and implementing new directions and participating in international programs with the cooperation of National Oceanographic Center
          ü Participating in organizing sessions of marine organizations to cooperate and coordinate in marine fields
          ü Participating in the sessions of UNESCO National Oceanographic Center
          -          International
          ü Holding and participating in international sessions of CASPCOM
          ü Participating in international sessions of JCOMM
        • Management Oceanic Sciences Center
        • Center for Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences